Corporate Social Responsibility

Emergency and Rescue Helicopter

Through our disaster prevention information system from the sky, we provide a flight support for aerial broadcasting in disaster area as well as operating a rescue helicopter for emergecy medical assistance,so as to contribute to maintain safety and security for the society.

Forrest Conservation and Tree Planting

We have been working on restoring forrests and mountains,by applying the aerial spraying system(spreading seeds and fertlizers via helicopter) for tree-planting in isolated locations such as mountainous terrain and remote islands (area devastated by debris flow,volcanic eruption, poisonous gas).

Albatross Conservation

Toho Air has been supporting Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, with its project of relocating the endangered species albatross to a new breeding site from 2008.

This project is designed to introduce albatross to a new breeding site by transporting chicks from Torishima island, a part of Izu islands, to Mukojima island by helicopter. In 2008, 10 albatross chicks left the nest successfully, and 4 of them reached the Aleutian islands. In 2009, all the 15 albatross chicks left the nest and were being identified in San Francisco, California. In 2011, after 3 years of an attempt, another 15 chicks were transported to Mukojima island in Faburury, artificially raised there, and all of them left the nest in May. Toho Air will continue to cooperating in reviving albatross around the Izu islands